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Written in Sunlight Fabrics

Our primary focus is sustainability. The fast fashion industry has a significant impact on our environment, and we endeavour to help change this. All of our garments are made from natural or repurposed fibres. We believe in using what is already on this Earth before consuming more. We use repurposed material for sample garments and linings, while also providing options for your clothing to be made from a fabric of this sort.

While we continue to use new sustainable materials, it is our passion to incorporate recycled fabrics into our designs. Our most popular design - the Twiggy jacket happens to be made entirely from reclaimed materials. The jacket's outer is made from repurposed vintage woollen blankets, while the inner lining is composed of recycled sheets. This is a fact we will continue to be proud of while helping normalise the use of repurposed fabrics. Using these types of materials is not necessarily easy, a lot more work is done to source and accurately photograph each fabric. The end result is however very rewarding.


The majority of our fabrics are biodegradable. At the end of the garment's life, these materials leave no trace behind. Below are the estimated decomposition rates of fabrics we use:

  • Cotton: Five months

  • Linen: Two weeks (depending on weight)

  • Wool: Three-four months 

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