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We keep our waste to a minimum. The majority of our garments are crafted in ways that reduce fabric waste. Large offcuts are repurposed through our zero waste collection and made into garments. Small scraps or thread cutoffs are used as stuffing for pillows or pouffes. Additionally, we donate other usable offcuts to both local creatives as well as animal rescues. Our local animal rescue uses large woollen blanket offcuts as bedding for their animals, and small fabric scraps as stuffing for toys and beds. Animal welfare is a cause close to our hearts, and we are glad to play a small part in supporting these organisations. 

In our day to day operations, we ensure all of our paper waste is recycled. On the rare occasion we come across plastic waste, that too is recycled. We go out of our way to drop soft plastic at recycling initiatives in our region. We aim to contribute to keeping things circular, so we do not take any more resources from our Earth that are already available. We aspire to keep everything out of the landfill and go out of our way to ensure this.

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